Ceramic Self-Ligating Braces

We’re proud to offer self-ligating clear braces as a discreet, yet highly-effective treatment option for our patients in Wilmington, NC.

This innovative treatment uses passive brackets made of quality ceramic material and high-tech archwires that move teeth into alignment with the utmost efficiency.

What are self-ligating, tie-less brackets?

Self-ligating, tie-less brackets don’t use colored rubber bands to hold brackets in place. These brackets use a “passive” slide mechanism that allows brackets to move freely and teeth to move independently of each other.

The self-ligation feature allows for a quick, efficient treatment period as it accelerates the initial alignment phase. With traditional braces, teeth are all moved together simultaneously, which causes friction that slows down tooth movement.

With clear self-ligating braces, each tooth is able to rotate and straighten without obstacle, which speeds up the entire orthodontic process.

Comfortable, Convenient and Clear

For patients who wish to maintain a clean, professional appearance with braces, ceramic self-ligating braces are a great option!

Self-ligating braces use smaller brackets that are known to feel more comfortable and make your oral hygiene routine a breeze. Smaller brackets are easier to brush and floss around, and ensure that you remove all food and debris from your brackets and wires.

How much do clear braces cost? The cost for braces will depend on a few factors including the length of treatment the complexity of your case. We’re proud to offer affordable financial plans to help you cover the cost!

Have questions about ceramic self-ligating braces?

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