WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA. – The Wilmington orthodontic community has a new member. Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics celebrates its grand opening with a special offer. Patients who start treatment before May 31, 2022 will receive $1,000* off full treatment of braces, BRIUS, or Invisalign. To claim the discount, new patients must request a complimentary consultation through the practice’s website ( or by calling us at (910) 726-1000!

Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics announces its grand opening date on April 20, 2022. This practice is located at Porters Neck in Wilmington, NC (8115 Market St. Suite 208) and is led by Dr. Ken Matsumoto.

Dr. Ken Matsumoto is a Dual Trained and Board-Certified Orthodontist and Periodontist. He’s the only dual trained specialist in the area, and one of only a few providers in the entire country. 

An active member of numerous professional associations, including the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics (CDABO), American Board of Orthodontists (ABO), American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), American Board of Periodontology (ABP), American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), and the American Dental Association (ADA), Dr. Matsumoto is committed to providing a quality of treatment that exceeds expectations.

Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics provides a range of services as a part of comprehensive orthodontic treatment, including:

Dr. Matsumoto and the team at Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics are excited to serve families in the community with a unique approach to orthodontics that emphasizes not only healthy teeth, but healthy gums too. Dr. Matsumoto is proud to be part of the community and has philanthropic plans for the practice in the near future. 

Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics invites you to receive a complimentary orthodontic consultation, including a full exam, x-rays and photos, at no cost – along with a $1,000 discount on braces, BRIUS, or Invisalign.

*Cannot be combined with other discounts including insurance discounts. Offer valid for comprehensive treatment. Appointment date may vary and will be scheduled after the grand opening on April 20, 2022. Treatment must be started before 5/31/2022.



About Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics 

Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics provides the highest quality of comprehensive orthodontic care to families at Porters Neck in Wilmington, North Carolina. Dr. Matsumoto blends orthodontics with periodontics to provide efficient treatment solutions, including different types of advanced braces and Invisalign for all ages, that aim to prevent future issues and empower patients to live a brighter future. For more information, visit

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