BRIUS® Truly Invisible Braces for Kids, Teens and Adults

We’re always seeking out new technologies and treatment methods to create exceptional treatment results.

Dr. Matsumoto uses BRIUS truly invisible braces, one of the most recent advancements in braces, to treat patients of all ages! BRIUS is truly invisible, easy to clean, requires minimum adjustments, and works faster than other treatments.

See how BRIUS works!

Brius (lingual braces) system on top and bottom teeth

BRIUS is known as the fastest way to a beautiful smile.

With BRIUS truly invisible braces, we can treat patients in up to 55% less time than traditional braces and clear aligners, and most patients start seeing tooth movement in just a few weeks! Brius delivers the same beautiful results that braces and clear aligners do—in a matter of a few months.

BRIUS is truly invisible.

Truly invisible braces are called ‘behind-the-teeth braces’, because they’re fixed to the back surfaces or the tongue-side surfaces of the teeth, instead of the front. When you smile, no one will know that you have braces secretly transforming your smile. 

Whether you’re a teen with a busy social life, or a professional who’s ready to achieve the perfect smile without the appearance of braces, BRIUS is a great match for you.

BRIUS requires minimum adjustments.

Because BRIUS doesn’t use traditional brackets and wires, this treatment requires minimum adjustment. BRIUS technology uses patented individualized BRIUS arms that guide teeth quickly, comfortably, and efficiently into the desired positions. With a seperate free arm attached behind each tooth, BRIUS allows the teeth to move individually of each other.

With traditional braces, all teeth are moved at once, which creates friction between teeth. BRIUS minimizes this friction to make for a more efficient treatment and to significantly reduce treatment length.

BRIUS is easy to clean.

You don’t have to work around any brackets or wires when cleaning your BRIUS braces. There isn’t a single archwire connecting the teeth; the advanced technology wires are placed above the teeth, around the gum area, making it easy to floss thoroughly between each tooth.

With BRIUS, less tooth surface is covered by your braces, so brushing is a breeze. You won’t be left with that infamous piece of spinach stuck in a bracket or wire. Taking care of your teeth with BRIUS is just as easy as it was before you started treatment.

BRIUS is more comfortable.

BRIUS braces are more comfortable than most braces, because they require minimum adjustment appointments; they move teeth independently of each other, yet simultaneously, and they apply gentle pressure.

BRIUS is Ideal for Every Age!

BRIUS is truly ideal for every age and every lifestyle. Children, teens, and adults love BRIUS. Mom and dad, you’ll love BRIUS too! Minimizing your child’s in-office visits means less time missing work and school, and more time spent doing what you love.

With BRIUS, Dr. Matsumoto can treat a number of dental and bite concerns, from minor to complex cases. 

If you’re looking for the fastest route to a beautiful, high-quality smile, BRIUS may be best for you!

hand makes a number 1 gesture with Brius for all ages arch wire on the tip of finger
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