SFOT Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy

Dr. Matsumoto, our dual-trained and board-certified orthodontist and periodontist, is proud to offer expert SFOT at our Porters Neck office in Wilmington, NC!

Surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy is a a surgical procedure performed under the gums to add bone prior to orthodontic treatment, in order to prepare the jaw bones for tooth movement.

This procedure is commonly used alongside another periodontal treatment, such as soft tissue grafting and/or bone graft, to create a strong foundation that supports a beautiful set of teeth and preserves bone density.

Surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy

Who can benefit from SFOT?

SFOT is especially beneficial for patients who require orthodontic treatment but have a common orthodontic problem that would make the treatment process lengthier than desired or would require a tooth extraction or dental expansion. 

For patients whose jaw bones are not wide enough to fit all of the teeth, SFOT may be best to reposition the teeth, while developing and preserving bone volume around the teeth.

A complex orthodontic case treated with BRIUS, braces or Invisalign alone may take an average of more than 24 months, whereas treatment with the SFOT technique may be completed in a shorter treatment time.

Depending on the specific case, SFOT can be beneficial for teen patients too. If you’re a candidate for SFOT, Dr. Matsumoto will discuss the option with you during your complimentary consultation with us. Once he examines your smile, he can determine whether SFOT will be the most effective treatment route! 

How does SFOT work?

SFOT is an advanced procedure that expands the range of orthodontic movement without the risk of undesired periodontal outcomes during orthodontic treatment. SFOT addresses the underlying problems of insufficient alveolar bone and compromised arch forms without invading biologically acceptable limits that can result in unfavorable periodontal outcomes, such as the development of a bone defect or bone loss.

In addition, SFOT helps straighten the teeth and optimize smile esthetics by softening the jaw bones, which speeds up the tooth movement process by up to 50%!

During the SFOT procedure, the alveolar bone (the bone that holds teeth sockets) is insulted (scratched) and then augmented by bone grafts, which stimulates natural healing of the bone and allows the teeth to be repositioned in a healthy environment.

Once the teeth are repositioned and the body triggers the bone to heal and regenerate, the mouth is more accommodating and accepting of orthodontic tooth movement. This is how SFOT is able to cut treatment time in half. 

How much does surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy cost?

The cost of the SFOT treatment technique will depend on your personalized treatment plan and the payment plan you choose!

We’ll work with you to create a payment plan that helps you cover the whole cost of treatment, including the SFOT procedure and subsequent Brius, braces, or Invisalign treatment. We offer flexible financing with in-house payment plans, and accept LendingPoint as an outside financing option.

At your first visit to our office, Dr. Matsumoto will create your personalized treatment plan and our treatment coordinator will create a financing plan that suits your budget.

Teen wonders on Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy cost

Have questions about SFOT?

We’re here to answer your questions, and we want you to know your options! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

Dr. Matsumoto and our experienced team are here to guide you, so you can experience a positive treatment process while you achieve your perfect smile.

Ready to get started? Request your complimentary consultation at our convenient Porters Neck office in Wilmington today! While the majority of our consultations are free, charges may apply in select complex surgical or complicated cases.