Meet Dr. Matsumoto

Dr. Ken Matsumoto is a Dual Trained and Board-Certified Orthodontist and Periodontist.

He’s the only dual-trained specialist for the Porters Neck in Wilmington, NC, area – and one of only a few providers in the entire country!

Dr. Matsumoto believes, “Braces or aligners are just a vehicle for tooth movement. The importance is who is driving it. Making personalized decisions for each patient with scientific evidence and executing each step with properly trained skills make a ‘difference’. 

I would like to achieve facial & dental esthetics, function, and healthy gum with stability. My goal is to provide a life-changing smile with the harmony of orthodontic and periodontal aspects beyond your expectation.”

Dr. Ken Matsumoto


Dr. Ken Matsumoto was born in Nagoya, Japan. His parents were both educators and raised him with a strong sense of dedication to good education and kindness to all. 

He was taught discipline in focusing on a task, whether it was calligraphy, baseball, or swim team. 

Dr. Matsumoto began his education in engineering but wanted a profession that worked more directly with others, so he turned to dentistry. After completion of a dental degree (DDS) in Japan and working as a general dentist, he had a desire to further his education. 

He was accepted in the only dual degree Orthodontic and Periodontics program in the USA at the University of Pennsylvania. After completion of that program in 2017, he continued at UPenn as full-time faculty, teaching the orthodontic and periodontic residents in the clinic and the classroom, publishing articles in journals and chapters in textbooks along the way. 

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Outside of the Practice

Dr. Matsumoto and his wife, Karen, are real foodies! They love to cook! They are trying any kind of water sport on the ocean or just relaxing with walks on the beach, which led them to Wilmington, NC as their destination. Their dream was to open a Private Practice together so they could use his knowledge and teaching to help others—while making their staff and patients feel like family!

On the fun side…Dr. Matsumoto is a Japanese Ninja in the office. He’s focused, moves with ease from patient to patient, and may surprise you with an Origami animal left on your chair as he disappears. Like this dragon!

Publications and Poster Presentations

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Dr. Matsumoto is a highly-experienced and accomplished orthodontist in Wilmington.

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