Our Advanced Technologies

At Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics, we’re all about efficiency, accuracy, and comfort in everything we do! 

We choose to adopt the latest technologies at Porters Neck office in Wilmington, NC to make the entire treatment process as positive and enjoyable for you as possible.

iTero Element® 5D Scanner for Digital Impressions

No Goop, No Mess, No Putty Necessary

We use iTero’s most powerful digital scanning model, the Element 5D. The iTero scanner is a state-of-the-art, advanced digital scanning system that eliminates the need for messy putty! (If you’ve experienced traditional putty impressions, you know how exciting this is.) 

With the iTero Element Scanner, Dr. Matsumoto can take a digital, 3D model of the inside and outside surfaces of your teeth and gums. This system is much faster than traditional methods and creates images that are more accurate, detailed and precise than traditional methods.

Benefits of the iTero Scanner

How We Use the iTero Scanner

To capture a crisp image of the inside of your mouth, Dr. Matsumoto and his team will scan your teeth and gums, using the iTero intraoral scanner wand. The wand is designed to fit comfortably in your mouth, so you can breathe and swallow as normal.

The handheld scanner will then produce a 3D model of your mouth that we can use to create your treatment plan with any type of appliance. If you choose Invisalign, we can show you a simulation of how your smile will look at the end of your treatment with the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator

If you have any questions about the iTero Scanner for Invisalign or braces before you visit us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

iTero element scanner displays digital teeth impressions

i-CAT FLX Cone Beam

We use the i-CAT FLX v17, the latest in i-CAT CBCT imaging technology. This state-of-the-art machine creates 3D images as well as traditional X-rays with an innovative panoramic feature.

With the i-CAT FLX, the X-ray process is comfortable, quick, handicap-accessible, and doesn’t expose you to unnecessary radiation.

Dental Monitoring

Reduce the number of office visits with Dental Monitoring! 

The Dental Monitoring app allows you to complete virtual check-ins (instead of in-office visits) throughout your treatment by sending photo/video updates of your smile progress.

Based on the pictures you send, Dr. Matsumoto can assess your progress to determine whether your transformation is on track, or if you need an in-office visit to make adjustments to your plan.

If you live a busy lifestyle and you’re looking to make your treatment easier and more convenient, Dental Monitoring is a great option for you.

Dental Monitoring Scan Box

Form 3B+, Advanced 3D Printer

3B Form Printer

The Formlabs Form 3B+ advanced desktop 3D printer was developed and designed for dental professionals. With the Form 3B+ 3D printer digital workflows, dental appliances are precisely detailed to the specifications of your anatomy. Our in house 3D printer will make the treatment process quicker and easier for you!

Have questions about our technology?

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