Surgical Orthodontics

Although most conditions can be corrected with a full treatment of braces or Invisalign®, cases that are more severe or further progressed may require surgical orthodontic treatment.

This is why we recommend that you bring your child in for their first orthodontic exam no later than the age of 7 (as recommended by the AAO). While the teeth and jaw bones are still developing, Dr. Matsumoto can treat most conditions efficiently with an appliance, braces or Invisalign treatment. 

When the jaw bones are done developing in the adult years, braces or Invisalign alone may not be the most effective treatment route; this is when surgical orthodontics may be necessary.

How do I know if I need surgical orthodontics?

The best way to tell whether you need surgical orthodontic treatment is by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Matsumoto. Every case is different, so the best treatment method for you will depend on your diagnosis.

If you experience any of the following conditions, this may indicate a need for orthodontics.

Once Dr. Matsumoto completes your exam, he’ll determine whether surgical orthodontic treatment is right for you. If so, he will refer you to an experienced oral surgeon to perform the procedure.!

Dr. Matsumoto will work closely with the oral surgeon to coordinate your treatment, provide you with all of the information you need to prepare, and discuss what to expect during recovery. 

Your comfort is incredibly important to us! If you require surgical orthodontics, we’ll discuss everything you need to know in detail, and we’ll support you along your process to make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Have questions about surgical orthodontics?

We’re here to answer your questions, and we want you to know your options!

Dr. Matsumoto and our experienced team are here to guide you, so you can experience a positive treatment process while you achieve your perfect smile.

Ready to get started? Request your complimentary consultation at our convenient Porters Neck office in Wilmington, NC today! While the majority of our consultations are free, charges may apply in select complex surgical or complicated cases.