Esthetic crown lengthening & orthodontics: What you need to know

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment and are bothered by a “gummy smile”, you may wonder if there’s an all-in-one treatment out there for you.

The Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics Team is here to tell you “yes”, there is a personalized smile treatment plan just waiting to be created for you…with us! As one of the few Dual-Trained and Board-Certified orthodontists and periodontists in the country, Dr. Matsumoto has the unique blend of expertise required for the beautiful, harmonious smile you’ve always wanted.

So how does it work? Let’s break down how esthetic crown lengthening and orthodontic treatment can work hand in hand to give you the smile of your dreams.


What is esthetic crown lengthening?

Esthetic crown lengthening is a dental procedure to correct “gummy smiles”. During this gum surgery, Dr. Matsumoto will reshape your gum line to achieve a harmonious balance between teeth and gum tissue, enhancing the beauty of your smile.

About 29% of people experience a gummy smile, especially women. While this condition has various causes, determining the underlying cause can help properly treat it, achieving the best possible smile results. Often this involves orthodontic treatment using braces, Brius, or Invisalign and an esthetic crown lengthening.


The benefits of an esthetic crown lengthening

  • Gives you a beautiful balanced smile! Performing an esthetic crown lengthening allows Dr. Matsumoto to remove excess gum tissue to reveal the natural shape of your teeth.
  • Improves your oral health. This isn’t just a cosmetic procedure! An esthetic crown lengthening eliminates excess gum tissue which reduces your risk of periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Works great with orthodontics. By finding the right doctors (or right doctor), you can have teeth and jaws in healthy alignment, AND a proportionate amount of gum tissue and teeth shown as well.


What’s the cost of an esthetic crown lengthening?

If you choose Dr. Matsumoto for your smile journey, your orthodontic treatment and your esthetic crown lengthening will be included in your personalized treatment plan. You can find out your unique cost by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Matsumoto. This appointment will give you important insight into your custom treatment from your treatment length, phases, insurance coverage, and more!


How does orthodontics & esthetic crown lengthening work together?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your gummy smile and crowded teeth, treatment with one of the nation’s only dual-trained and board-certified orthodontists and periodontists is an excellent way to achieve that! You’ll receive an all-in-one treatment plan with the same doctor who’s trained and experienced in performing both of these procedures in close succession. Here’s how these two procedures can work together!

  • Pre-orthodontic treatment. If you have excessive gum tissue before orthodontic treatment, Dr. Matsumoto will recommend an esthetic crown lengthening to start. This will give you immediate results with your gummy smile and show Dr. Matsumoto the whole picture of your smile so he can adjust your treatment to give you incredible smile results!
  • Post-orthodontic refinement. After your braces, Brius, or Invisalign treatment is complete, you may still have some gum tissue that needs adjustment. Performing an esthetic crown lengthening allows Dr. Matsumoto to do some finishing touches, ensuring your final smile results make you say “wow”!


Still have questions about orthodontics or esthetic crown lengthening?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about orthodontic treatment with gum concerns.

If you’re looking for a top orthodontist and periodontist in Wilmington, NC, request a complimentary exam for you or your child with Dr. Matsumoto today!

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