GLO professional teeth whitening

It’s time for your GLO Up!

We provide GLO® Science teeth whitening so you can experience an instantly brighter smile after your braces are removed or during your Invisalign® treatment. You can choose GLO professional teeth whitening at-home, or in-office treatment with Dr. Matsumoto!

We choose GLO Science for our patients teeth whitening needs, because this treatment is gentle, but incredibly effective. The GLO formula is also sensitivity-free so it’s more comfortable than other whitening treatments.

If you’re interested in professional teeth whitening near you, please reach out to us or let us know at your next appointment! We’ll explain the treatment to you in full detail to help you achieve the best possible results, through a safe process.


How does GLO professional in-office whitening work?

The in-office whitening treatment is performed in two separate 8-minute sessions. (Dr. Matsumoto may recommend up to four sessions depending on your specific smile needs and history.)

First, we’ll use a special brush to gently clean and prepare your teeth for the GLO gel. Then Dr. Matsumoto will apply a gingival barrier to prevent gum irritation and a GLO lip balm to your lips to keep them from drying out during your whitening treatment sessions. Next it’s time to apply the specially-designed hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel to your teeth and pop in the GLO whitening mouthpiece. This patented mouthpiece will activate the gel using a warming heat and light to penetrate through the enamel, instead of bleaching only the outer surfaces of the teeth. After 8 minutes, we’ll remove the mouthpiece, wipe the gel from your teeth, and then continue with another session.

Once you’re finished with your in-office treatment, Dr. Matsumoto may recommend following up with a GLO take-home whitening kit.


How GLO professional at-home whitening works

To make sure you achieve your ideal shade of white, Dr. Matsumoto will send you home with a GLO whitening kit for the next 5 days. So you can whiten your teeth while you hang out on the couch! But don’t worry, we’ll explain the process in full detail to ensure that your whitening treatment is safe and your smile is protected.

To whiten your teeth at-home, you’ll use the GLO Pro vial from the kit to gently brush the gel onto your teeth and insert your GLO mouthpiece. Your GLO controller will alert you when it’s time to remove the mouthpiece and there’s no need for rinsing or wiping as the gel evaporates as it whitens. You may do 2 sessions for a 5 day period or four sessions, depending on your instructions from Dr. Matsumoto.

After each session, take a look in the mirror and try not to blind yourself to your budding brilliant white smile. 

When’s the best time to whiten my teeth?

For our braces patients, it’s best to wait until your treatment with self-ligating braces is complete before whitening your teeth as you may end up with a two-toned smile when your braces are removed.


If you notice white spots or discolored areas after your time in braces ends, these can be reversed with a simple GLO Whitening treatment, at-home or in-office with Dr. Matsumoto! If you don’t have discoloration after treatment, you can still whiten your teeth to maximize your results.

For our patients who have chosen Invisalign® clear aligners, you can whiten your teeth during your treatment! Invisalign is completely removable, so you don’t have to worry about any unreachable spots behind brackets. You’ll simply remove your aligners during your whitening treatment, then place them back in your mouth once you’re done.

GLO teeth whitening gel can be used during Invisalign treatment to maintain a bright smile, or applied after Invisalign treatment to enhance your results.





Have questions about GLO Teeth whitening?

We encourage you to reach out to us!

Dr. Matsumoto and our experienced team will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions, whether you choose treatment in-office or at-home.

Many of our patients have used GLO professional whitening kits to achieve an instantly brighter smile after their orthodontic treatment. We want you to love your smile too! Schedule an appointment with us today, or give us a call to get started.