Can I switch orthodontists in the middle of treatment?

So you’re in active orthodontic treatment at the halfway mark to your beautiful new smile. You’ve gotten to know your orthodontist and team, but suddenly, your family is moving.

Maybe you’re in a military family (thank you for your service!) Or maybe mom or dad got a job opportunity in a new city. Whatever the reason may be for relocating, now you have to find a new orthodontist to continue your treatment.

Is it possible to switch orthodontists before your braces or Invisalign® treatment is complete? Here’s everything you need to know!


Can I change orthodontists?

The answer is yes, you can switch your orthodontist during treatment. Life happens!
Families relocate. Orthodontic transfers happen all the time.

At Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics, we’ve had the opportunity to treat many patients who transferred from another orthodontist. Some patients have called us asking, “what if I’m moving and I already have braces?” We help these patients transfer to our conveniently located orthodontist office in Wilmington, NC.

We’ve also treated patients who were not happy with their orthodontic treatment prior to starting treatment with us. We create personalized treatment plans for these patients and deliver exceptional results.


How to Change Orthodontists: Step by Step

Switching orthodontists mid-treatment can be done in a few steps. We’ll help you cover all of your bases, from informing your old orthodontist to preparing your new orthodontist, to ensure a smooth transfer process during treatment.

1. Inform your orthodontist.

Let your orthodontist know as soon as you find out that you have to relocate to a new orthodontist. The sooner your orthodontist knows, the sooner he or she is able to prepare necessary information for your new orthodontist.

If you paid-in-full for treatment, the financial coordinator may have to configure a plan to provide you with a refund. It’s important to allow your orthodontist enough time to prepare for your transfer.

2. Search for orthodontists in your new area.

Grab your phone, laptop or computer and search for an “orthodontist near me.” If you live in Porters Neck, Wilmington, or any surrounding areas, we encourage you to request your complimentary consultation with Dr. Matsumoto and our team, of course!

While you’re searching for practices near you, check out their Google reviews to learn more about their patient experience. Are the majority of the reviews positive? Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics has more than 70 five-star Google reviews!

3. Pick the right orthodontist for you.

Assess each practice’s website. Is it up-to-date? Does it have the resources you’re looking for? Do they have before-and-after photos showcasing their work? Check out the doctors’ pages; do they have the experience you’re looking for? The practice’s online presence should be indicative of their patient experience.

Do they provide the same type of treatment that you’re currently in – BRIUS®, braces or Invisalign®? And most importantly, does your new orthodontist accept transfer patients? Give them a call to find out!


How much does it cost to change orthodontists?

There shouldn’t be a cost to change orthodontists. However, if you paid in full for your current treatment plan, you will have to work with your treatment coordinator to configure the refund.

Once you visit a new orthodontist who performs a full assessment of your smile, that orthodontist will create a treatment plan to pick up where your last orthodontist left off. You’ll then work out a payment plan to cover the cost of your remaining treatment.


We support our military!

If you’re in a Military family, thank you for your service! We’d be honored to serve you. Our team understands the challenges that our military patients face and the flexibility their families require throughout treatment.

We’ll help you make a smooth orthodontic transfer, whether you begin treatment with us and have to transfer to another orthodontist mid-treatment, or you make a transfer to our location mid-treatment. Either way, we’re here to support you in managing your transfer with minimal stress.


Are you in need of a new orthodontist?

If you’re looking for “orthodontists that accept transfer patients near me”, we’d love to meet you! Our team at Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics is more than happy to accept you and continue your journey to a beautiful new smile.

And finally, request your complimentary consultation with us. Our team will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. We’ll help you get all of your ducks in a row!

Get started!

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