Smile Stocking Stuffers: Best Gifts for People with Braces, BRIUS or Invisalign

The holidays are right around the corner! If you’re starting to think of gifts or stocking stuffer ideas for someone who’s currently wearing braces, BRIUS® or Invisalign®, or someone who’s considering orthodontics, we prepared the ultimate guide to make it easy on you.

Bring on the holidays, festivities, and beautiful, healthy smiles! Here are the top stocking stuffer ideas (for all budgets) from your team at Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics:


1. Water flosser/Waterpik®

A water flosser is like a mini power washer for your mouth! A modern flossing solution, water flossers use a gentle stream of pressurized water to clean between teeth and along the gum line.

  • Benefits: These devices are highly effective at removing food particles and plaque from teeth, and they’re super easy to use. They help prevent gum inflammation and gum disease, keeping breath fresh and teeth sparkly.

Using a water flosser during orthodontic treatment with braces, BRIUS or Invisalign is particularly beneficial, because it can clean areas where your toothbrush can’t reach and can make oral hygiene maintenance a lot easier!

  • Where to get one: Brand name Waterpik water flossers can range anywhere from $40 all the way up to $140. You can also grab one on Amazon for about $25! They’re the perfect practical stocking stuffer for people in orthodontic treatment, and anyone who wants to keep their smile clean and healthy.


2. Pack of Colgate® Wisps

Colgate Wisps are portable, mini toothbrushes prepasted with freshening toothpaste, a freshening bead and soft bristles on one end, with a soft pick on the other end to clean hard-to-reach spaces.

  • Benefits: These mini, disposable toothbrushes are super convenient for on-the-go cleaning with braces, BRIUS or Invisalign. They don’t take up much space and fit easily in a purse or bag; they don’t require you to carry toothpaste; they’re perfect for removing food particles between teeth and between brackets and wires, or custom BRIUS arms.

You can use one in just a few minutes, then toss it in the trash and enjoy fresh breath and clean teeth! You don’t even have to rinse with water afterward (but you may want to so you can swish away any food particles if you’re wearing braces.)

  • Where to get one: You can buy a pack at Walmart, Target, most grocery stores and drug stores, or online! Amazon sells brand name Colgate wisps (4-pack) for $17, but also sells off-brand alternatives (24-pack) for $20. These are the perfect stocking stuffers for a fresh mouth on-the-go.


 3. Invisalign Stickables™

Invisalign Stickables are small, colorful accessories that you stick to clear aligners to decorate your smile. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer idea for teens, kids, or anyone who likes a one-of-a-kind smile and is in the midst of an Invisalign transformation!

  • Benefits: Stickables come in a variety of shapes, colors and icons, with 100 stickers per pack. You can choose from different themes, including animals, emojis, food, sports, holidays, shapes, limited edition shapes and so much more. They’re easy to apply and wear, and they allow you to show off your personality! You’ll be able to wear new Stickables every time you change out your aligners to the next set.
  • Where to get them: You can order Invisalign Stickables right from the Invisalign site. A 100-pack of Stickables is $25, and they’ll fit perfectly in a stocking!


4. Electric toothbrush

Does your gift recipient still have a manual toothbrush? If so, an electric toothbrush is the perfect practical stocking stuffer this season!

  • Benefits: Electric toothbrushes provide consistent and thorough cleaning, with rapid rotations that can remove more plaque and food particles than manual brushing. They’re gentle, and the rotating bristles are ideal for cleaning around brackets and wires and reaching spaces that may not be reached with a manual toothbrush.

Studies show that using a powered toothbrush can reduce plaque by 11% in 1-3 months, and 21% in 3 months or more!

Some electric toothbrushes have built-in timers to ensure that you brush for the recommended two minutes and evenly cover all surfaces of your mouth. They can help reduce the risk of gum disease, plaque and bacteria buildup, and some even feature pressure sensors to prevent brushing too hard, which helps prevent receding gums!

  • Where to get them: You can find electric toothbrushes almost anywhere, from Walmart and Target to drug stores, grocery stores and a number of websites. Look through this list of ADA-approved electric toothbrushes to help your search! They can range anywhere from $20 to $150 or more, depending on how much you’re looking to spend.


5. An Invisalign/braces care package

You can create a handy, portable Invisalign/braces care package for your person’s stocking stuffer! You can use a small bag or container to hold items that your gift recipient can keep on-hand and use throughout the day to keep their smile fresh and clean.

Here are some ideas for your braces care kit or Invisalign care kit:

  • A mini hand mirror to check their smile when needed
  • A mini toothbrush & toothpaste, or on-the-go Colgate Wisps
  • Orthodontic wax (for braces wearers) to cover poking wires or irritating brackets
  • Specialized flossers for a quick after-meal flossing
  • Mini mouthwash
  • Chapstick or lip balm
  • Extra elastics or rubber bands (if they’re a part of their treatment plan)

You know your child, teen, friend or family member best! Add anything that you think they’ll benefit from throughout the day. Pick out a cute little bag or a sleek monochromatic case for a stylish care package.


Or, give the gift of a beautiful smile this holiday!

Technically it’s not a stocking stuffer, but gifting a beautiful new smile through orthodontic treatment is the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of their life.

If you’ve been considering braces or Invisalign for your child, or you don’t know if they need orthodontics yet, it’s the perfect time to schedule a free consultation with our team.

At Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics, we’re proud to be a top family orthodontist in Porters Neck at Wilmington, NC. Dr. Ken Matsumoto is the only dual-trained specialist in our area – and one of only a few providers in the entire country!

He’s won a number of awards for his expertise, including awards from the Department of Periodontics at University of Pennsylvania, as well as awards from the American Board of Periodontology and the American Board of Orthodontics.

Dr. Matsumoto and our entire team are committed to providing highly-personalized care for you and your family. We go above and beyond to earn your trust and happiness!

Check out all of our treatment options, get to know more about us, and request your complimentary consultation with us! Happy Holidays!

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